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NO HANDS Massage NO HANDS Massage is a deep, releasing, rejuvenating and nourishing form of massage. It is a dynamic message technique that is sweeping across the world as one of the most powerful new therapeutic massage treatments available. Hot Stones Massage Hot stones have been used for centuries and through out […]


I sometimes incorporate this into a treatment if I find muscles very restricted. There are various ways to stretch a muscle but the stretches I use include passive stretching, propreoceptor neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretching and active isolated stretching. All these stretching techniques are beneficial to the sports person for lengthening […]

Advanced Stretching Techniques

Dorn is a gentle spinal manipulation. A Dorn treatment lasts from 20 minutes to an hour depending on your requirements. A spinal massage can be incorporated into the treatment, which is therapeutic; furthermore, patients seem to enjoy the relaxation they get from it. You can find out more here.


Indian Head Massage promotes relaxation and reduces tension in muscles around the neck, shoulders and back, as well as stimulating blood flow to these areas and the head. It has been known to increase skin tone, improve mobility in the neck and shoulders as well as enhancing concentration. The treatment […]

Indian Head Massage