Quotes from some Campbell’s Bowen Works clients’ …

I was first introduced to Fiona when I did myself an injury at the circuit class we both attend. I had popped my quad muscle doing sprints.  She sorted me out quickly, with an expertise that instantly put me at ease. Since then, Fiona has assisted me to be able to increase my flexibility and overcome long-term problems that allowed me to achieve a long (180 mile) cycle for charity (London to Paris in 24 hours).  Fiona’s physiology knowledge and warm nature is the perfect combination for her service.  I highly recommend her.

Donnie Maclean

Fiona is a fantastic therapist, who is expert in an incredible range of treatments and techniques. She is a crucial part of my marathon preparation, being able to provide tailored treatment sessions to ensure I reach the start line in top condition. I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough – to people of all ages, and levels of fitness.

 Douglas Baird

I have arthritis and have a lot of pain in my back. I also began to have difficulty walking. My legs were stiff and I had no feeling in my feet.


I was recommended to try the Bowen Therapy, which I did.


I found an improvement right away. I didn’t have so much pain. Now I have no problem walking. I am more mobile and can feel my feet.

(aged 84yrs)

As a doctor and alternate health practitioner of 40 years experience, I rarely come across a practitioner like Miss Campbell who has integrity and also a genuine caring approach to her work and her client.


I am very careful who I would let work on me, but I would let Fiona, who made me feel very safe.

Dr. Neil

As a chronic sciatic back pain sufferer, over the past nine years I had tried everything from painkillers to chiropractors, osteopaths, yoga, Pilates, exercise, physiotherapists and had even been referred to the Orthopaedic Dept. to look at options of surgery.


Then I went to see Fiona at Campbell’s Bowen Works and after three visits the pain was gone. After years of living in sometimes constant pain in my lower back I now live pretty much pain free. Occasionally the twinges come back but I now know that within a couple of days of making an appointment I’ll be pain free again. My whole family and numerous colleagues at the BBC now swear by her. I don’t know what she does but it works!


I consulted Fiona after a cycling accident. I felt better every time I attended. Fiona found injuries I did not know I had and she was able to put procedures in place to deal with the problems. She spoke of “releasing” and of “fascia”. I recovered quickly but will see her peroidically in the future for a check up.


Just an e-mail to thank you for all you have done for me and little history about how much Sciatica effected my life. I had suffered from Sciatica for many years. I am 56 years old but still consider myself quite as I still play 5 a sides once a week and my job is very physically demanding as in having to climb telegraph poles and quite heavy duties that go with this every day.


Over the years Sciatica would only last maybe 2 or 3 days then ease off till the next time I pushed myself too hard then it would return again. But the last bout I had was terrible. I suffered this for over 3 weeks. Attended the doctor and was given the usual painkillers and physio which did not help me any. I was losing a lot of sleep which was beginning to affect me at my work.


My wife came home one day and suggested that I try Fiona as she had been working wonders in her work . I decided to give it a try as I was in agony all the time . I drove to Fiona one Sunday afternoon and was in agony even driving over . Fiona worked with me for over an hour. It was quite an experience as I never thought my muscles could do what Fiona put me thru . I walked out of Fiona’s a bit shaken . The result was I drove home without even a hint of pain and played 5 a sides that very night.


The next 2 days I had a slight twinge and proceeded with the exercises that Fiona had asked me to do. After a couple of days it was gone. That was months ago. I attended Fiona another 3 times for my own peace of mind . The Sciatica has never returned. I do get a slight twinge but if do the exercises it goes away right away. This instant for me and I cannot thank Fiona enough. I have recommended other people to Fiona with different problems and the results have been much the same.


I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone like myself who endured this pain. My name is Jim Dunleavy and feel free to phone about my experience. Thanks Fiona and feel free to use any of this e-mail if it helps someone else. My tele number is (available on request) and feel free to pass this on.


Quotes from Parkinson’s Sufferers

Murray – His neck and back aren’t as painful, it also helps his movement in his neck and legs better, although its not a cure it eases the symptoms and is very good!


Pearl – makes it a bit easier, helps her to relax and feel comfortable


Jane – helps to relax, don’t feel so bad after it


Cathie – good at taking the pain away, helps relax her legs.

Rachel Armstrong

Parkinson’s Self Help Group (North Lanarkshire)

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2004. By January 2009 my stiffness, lack of movement, side effects of the medication and stress levels had reached a new high. My quality of life was the lowest yet but even more so for Wilma, my partner and carer. I then received my first session of Bowen Therapy.


The effect was immediate and astounding. I relaxed for the first time in months, nodding off during the treatment and such was the improvement in my stiffness and movement, I felt like a new man. It took another 3-4 sessions to get the full benefit from the Bowen.


Since then I have received weekly treatments to reduce any returning stiffness, lack of movement and stress Due to the unpredictable nature of Parkinson’s, some weeks are worse than others but no matter how bad my symptoms were, I always felt better after a treatment. I have been receiving Bowen treatments for almost 3 years now and can not recommend it highly enough.


My name is Michael and I am fifty one years old. I live in the south side of Glasgow and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease twenty one years ago in 1990. Not only did this come as a real shock to both my wife and myself , but as neither of us were medically informed or clued up on illnesses, I was unaware of how serious my condition actually was.


As the months went past, I began to recognise more and more of the symptoms of Parkinson’s and how they were affecting me. Initially , it was slowness of movement and rigidity that were giving me problems. This was followed by severe and extreme body cramps. The progression of the condition had taken a hold and was now gathering momentum and then it was time for paranoia to kick in. I had to do something to change the endless pill popping lifestyle I had gotten into. So ……



By the end of 2003, following on from my successful D.B.S. operation and a four week stay in Dundee Ninewells Hospital , I was back home and feeling like a new person. I was able to cut down drastically on the amount of drugs I was taking . However, as this was not a cure I knew it wasn’t to last and by 2007 many of the symptoms had returned , bringing even more problems.



However, a chance meeting with Fiona Campbell in the summer of 2007 in Millport gave me realistic hope and changed my mindset regarding alternatve medical treatments. Previously, I had never heard of ‘The Bowen Technique’ , and approached my first session with an open mind. The impact was almost immediate. It seemed to give me a burst of energy as well a clearer head and thought process. I even went out that night to play football for an hour with some friends, that was how good it made me feel. The B.T. is undoubtedly one of themost versatile and effective therapeutic treatments available today. This non- intrusive treatment has the ability to re-align and balance the body thus proving its effectiveness for most medical conditions including Arthritis and Parkinsons as well as less serious such as sporting injuries or back pain and is available to all ages.



A treatment would normally consist of a series of gent;le, rolling moves over certain muscle groups relative to the specific illness and with frequent pauses between the moves to allow the body time to achieve maximum benefit from each set. The B.T. both balances as well as stimulate all the physical and energetic systems as well as help release the blockages that separate us from our natural state of perfect health and well-being. Each session usually lasts up to an hour and frequently results in a deep sense of relaxation, thus allowing the body to recharge and balance itself.



I am delighted to have found Fiona and the fact she is moving into a premises two streets away to continue her ‘ Bowen’ is an absolute bonus. I am very aware that it is not a cure , however, if it can temporarily relieve some of my P.D. symptoms , well , that will be good enough for me. Being an ex nurse, Fiona has a wealth of medical knowledge behind her and I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Quotes from the Press about Bowen Therapy …

The Bowen Technique is called by one osteopath ‘probably the most important healthcare discovery in human history.


Bowen has had good results with musculo-skeletal conditions, especially frozen shoulder and tennis elbow.


One real advantage of Bowen over other ‘alternative’ therapies is that many complaints are said to be treated after just two or three sessions, making Bowen treatment easier on the wallet.


My back pair went from a dull ache to no ache! It was fantastic!


Derek Jameson was ‘absolutely flabbergasted’ when just after a few sessions of this gentle hands-on therapy his frozen shoulder problem was resolved.


This is such a wonderful relaxing treatment, that one can easily drift off into a peaceful sleep.


It is another of those mysterious therapies but what is clear is that it works!


The Bowen Technique is a hands-on therapy which really works.


Bowen can be applied to most problems and all ages as it is gently holistic and works by harnessing the body’s own healing powers.


Some clients return for regular sessions simply for balancing and relaxation. It can be a form of protection as well. For some sports people it can actually enhance their performance.