Bowen Therapy

Following a detailed assessment, a series of precise, gentle moves are carried out in a specific way over muscles, nerves, connective tissue, fascia and other structures in the body.

The treatment can be carried out through light clothing and it is normal practice to use a couch, however in certain circumstances, seated treatment can be carried out.

It is helpful for many conditions but in my experience clients have responded well to back, shoulder, neck discomfort or pain, stress, whiplash, repetitive strain injury (RSI), migraines to name a few.

The treatment time is variable but ranges from 30 minutes to an hour. It is common to have three consecutive treatments a week apart.

The pattern of treatment varies depending on whether the clients presenting condition is acute or chronic. On the whole, only a few treatment sessions are required for relief of symptoms.

This short video provides a simple explanation of principles behind the Bowen Technique.

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